TMG’s Medtech Talent Outlook 2022

Pull up a chair and hear what the thoughts and observations are of what 77 […]

Pull up a chair and hear what the thoughts and observations are of what 77 combines years of recruiting in the medical device industry thinks about where we are and where we are going.

I am clearly biased, but the brain trust of the tens of thousands of conversations with professionals in the medtech / healthtech that Holly Scott and Matt Kaufman, my partners at The Mullings Group, have been privileged to be part of may provide some insight as you build a company or career.

The longer version is here:

Holly, Matt and I get to sit down with Dragonfly Stories – A Mullings Group Company in One60Studios and get to share our state of the industry from a career perspective.

– The impact over the last 30 months on large corporate versus smaller emerging tech companies.

– The dynamics of the workplace and what they may mean to the world of work moving forward

– New entities over the last 5 years are now non-acute devices, but the high growth bookends / service focused opportunities intended to impact healthcare.

– New investment money that had not previously been in the medtech category.

– It is no longer a zero sum game on talent. New talent that did not have the tribal medtech knowledge, hence talent permission for entry are now bringing in new perspectives and skills that are tremendously influencing new products and services.

– Career and life navigation…figure out what you do not want to do versus what you do want to do. Keep the trenches shallow.