Verizon 5G | MedTech Demo

Joe Mullings, CEO of The Mullings Group, had the opportunity to sit in with Corindus Vascular Robotics and COO, Doug Teany as they performed a series of simulated telerobotic procedures using Verizon’s latest 5G connection. The tests were conducted at Verizon’s Innovation Center in Waltham and connected to an O.R. in Cambridge approximately 10 miles away.

What 5G means to the medtech industry beyond tele-robotics.
Corindus Vascular Robotics is at it again.
The Corpath System had done the first in-human telerobotic coronary surgery in December of 2018 in India.
Recently, I had a chance to sit in with Corindus Vascular Robotics and COO, Doug Teany and his team on a 5G test that Corindus had been performing here in the U.S. at Verizon’s Innovation Center in Waltham, Ma. It was connected with a simulated O.R. in Cambridge, Ma, 10 miles away.
While sitting in the Verizon Innovation Center, the ability to tele-robotically watch a surgeon perform as if they were there in the room with their team and the technology will be saving or impacting millions of lives per year, was game-changing, but there was more at play.
5G has a much greater impact on the medtech industry than just tele-robotics.
We are living in an amazing time. The acceleration of technology is mind bending. Sure, 5G is a game changer in patient access around the globe. What 5G means to product development, collaboration, computing storage, cloud-based business models, open relationships in platform development and the wider spectrum of real-time data available to product development teams and scientists will bring about a step-change in product innovation.