What Are You Willing to Defer?

What are you willing to defer in order to move forward in your next career […]

What are you willing to defer in order to move forward in your next career decision?

Compensation, new market/domain experience, location, peer group, etc…

Trying to equally squeeze “the juice” out of each of those categories may limit your long term success.

Not all of them may be satiated as you consider a new role. What are you willing to defer, and how are you going to manage that?

Compensation – there are financial commitments that we have that are non-negotiable, and there are financial nice-to-haves that can creep into our lives that may cloud our judgment and impact us longitudinally in a less than desirable direction.

Market / Domain experience – there is market and there is product. They should be differentiated. First, is the market that you are currently in sustainable? Is it in the top 25% percentile for near and mid-term adoption and utilization in the direction of growth as you follow investment from PE, VC, public markets, and M&A activity? Second, is the product/service as it is positioned in the addressable market just discussed. Does it have real potential to be a go-to solution for that market?

Location – are you able to leverage a geographic arbitrage in your new role? Why do banks get robbed? Because that’s where the money is kept. While WFX is definitely influencing the markets, nothing beats being where the career opportunities are and you going in every day to the place where the work is done. Managing proximity of opportunities, cost of living, in-person networking, and the concentration of intelligence & drive in a population changes our lives dramatically.

Peer Group – who you will be working with. Your mom and dad were correct. Who you hang out with is who you become. It informs your network moving forward. Allows you to experience what is optimal and less optimal when it comes to styles and behaviors.

Life and careers have their seasons. Responsibilities change in relationships.

Mindful consideration in the deferral of gratification has proven to be one of the cornerstones of long-term success.