Wisdom As a Service (WaaS)

Wisdom as a Service (WaaS) continues to be a critical sector in medtech and healthtech. […]

Wisdom as a Service (WaaS) continues to be a critical sector in medtech and healthtech.

Well done to Richard Vincent, the Founder / CEO and his team at FundamentalVR in recently raising a $20M round.

The ongoing development of surgical technologies in the areas of imaging, robotics, and navigation will continue to empower new procedures and approaches to take place.

Enabling the industry to develop procedures beyond the limits of elbows, shoulders, wrists and eyeballs and the “hard-covered books and the surgical techniques” of the past.

With new procedures, come new approaches to surgery and therefore new technologies and devices to be created and new career opportunities for the industry.

The momentum of tech in:

– Imaging and tissue characterization provided through multi-spectral imaging technologies and being able to see what you couldn’t see previously.

– Surgical robotic platforms with 9-degrees of freedom and 360-degree visualization.

– Open architecture training platforms that are able to leverage already existing AR and VR enabled consumer powered interfaces that have had hundreds of millions of R&D dollars invested in them from AppleMagic LeapAmazonMicrosoft, and HTC Corporation allow for the aggregation of technology to move WaaS rapidly forward.

These medical simulation platforms not only empower surgeons and their teams, they also provide the genius medtech engineers a pathway to “what if we….?”, and reimagine how they may access and operate within a “surgical window” and create new tools that extend the surgeons capabilities.

A market pegged at $2B today and projected to be at $5B within 4 years.

Worth your attention.