GE Healthcare, Baxter among medtech giants inking deals with Amazon Web Services

GE Healthcare (NYSE:GE) and Baxter (NYSE:BAX) are both collaborating with Amazon Web Services for AI […]

GE Healthcare (NYSE:GE) and Baxter (NYSE:BAX) are both collaborating with Amazon Web Services for AI and cloud-based solutions.

The strategic collaborations aim to drive the companies’ digital presences forward, with GE Healthcare saying that it will work with AWS to deliver AI and cloud-based imaging solutions, integrated data and clinical and operational insights to hospitals and healthcare providers.

GE Healthcare said in a news release that it plans to offer its AI-based imaging applications and Edison Health Services platform on AWS to help transition healthcare providers around the world from the traditional care delivery model in the hospital settings to a decentralized model that is virtual and distributed. The company noted that the COVID-19 pandemic accelerated the remote care trend and the cloud will enable the care delivery model’s transformation.

“As the world moves towards a more virtualized and distributed care delivery model with home care, remote patient management, and increased use of AI, radiologists and other clinicians need easy access to data that is seamlessly integrated, aggregated, and visualized in applications and services across modalities and within their existing workflows,” GE Healthcare chief digital officer Amit Phadnis said in the release. “By doing this at scale, we are helping to drive clinical outcomes and achieving our goals of transforming healthcare to be more efficient and personalized.”

The first AI-enabled imaging platform to be made available on the AWS offering through the collaboration is GE Healthcare’s Edison TruePACS picture archive and communication system (PACS), which provides hospitals with a diagnostic imaging cloud solution and a low-cost, secure alternative to help improve access to care and deliver clinical insights.

Additionally, GE Healthcare plans to offer its Edison data aggregation and AI analytics platform on AWS to help developers access it and build, test and validate new AI models.

GE Healthcare aims to help providers scale their ability to securely and compliantly aggregate all healthcare data types and formats to extract insights, while providing easier access to regulatory cleared AI algorithms and applications by integrating them into existing workflows – breaking down data silos and supporting healthcare providers in their pursuit of delivering the best care possible.

“This is an exciting opportunity to combine the forces of GE Healthcare and AWS to help customers improve patient care. Hosting patient data in proven applications, coupled with advanced analytics and AI, leveraging the most secure, reliable and agile cloud, will enable caregivers to deliver better and more personalized experiences for their patients,” AWS director of the international public sector health Dr. Rowland Illing said.

Baxter plans to use its collaboration with AWS to develop new digital health solutions to personalize and improve patient care, create seamless experiences for healthcare customers and patients and modernize technology capabilities to deliver data and insights to employees and customers, according to a Baxter news release.

“Our digital transformation will help us advance our mission to save and sustain lives while delivering value to our patients, clinicians, customers and employees,” Baxter SVP, Asia Pacific & executive sponsor of the company’s digital transformation Andy Frye said. “Our goals are ambitious, and we are collaborating with digital leaders like AWS to reach our goals at speed and scale that will transform Baxter into a company driven by data and insights.”

The company extended its multi-year strategic agreement with AWS to drive its use of the cloud and enable a secure foundation to help modernize its platforms and applications.

“Baxter is using AWS’s broad and deep portfolio of cloud services to deliver new insights and digital health solutions for the millions of patients and caregivers that use their leading portfolio of medical products,” AWS VP of worldwide commercial sales Greg Pearson said. “Baxter’s digital transformation is helping the company unlock the potential of healthcare data and develop a more personalized approach to care, using the unmatched reliability and proven security of one of the world’s leading cloud providers.

“We look forward to continuing our work with Baxter as the company transforms itself in the cloud, helping drive improved outcomes for patients and new tools for caregivers that improve the quality of care.”

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