GE Healthcare’s Artificial Intelligence FDA Cleared to Help Spot Collapsed Lung

Admitted patients often have to wait a number of hours for a radiologist to review […]

GE Healthcare’s Critical Care Suite automatically processes chest scans right on the X-ray machine and flags those where it detects potential signs of pneumothorax. The attending radiologist immediately gets a copy of the scan via the hospital’s PACS system and the technologist performing the scan is alerted as well, to help make sure that the patient is triaged properly.
“X-ray – the world’s oldest form of medical imaging – just got a whole lot smarter, and soon, the rest of our offerings will too,” says Kieran Murphy, President & CEO, GE Healthcare. “GE Healthcare is leading the way in the creation of AI applications for diagnostic imaging and taking what was once a promise and turning it into a reality. By integrating AI into every aspect of care, we will ultimately improve patient outcomes, reduce waste and inefficiencies, and eliminate costly errors. Critical Care Suite is just the beginning.”

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