Glaukos inks licensing deal with Intratus for Eyelid drug delivery platform

Glaukos (NYSE:GKOS) announced today that it entered into a licensing agreement with Intratus over its […]

Glaukos (NYSE:GKOS) announced today that it entered into a licensing agreement with Intratus over its Eyelid drug delivery platform.

San Clemente, Calif.-based Glaukos was granted a global exclusive license to research, develop, manufacture and commercialize Intratus’ patented, non-invasive Eyelid drug delivery platform for treating presbyopia, according to a news release. Financial terms were not disclosed.

Presbyopia treatment was added to an existing agreement from July 2019, under which Glaukos received a global exclusive license for the Eyelid system in treating dry eye, glaucoma and other corneal disorders including blepharitis, conjunctivitis and related conditions.

The amended agreement also includes a mechanism to further expand the existing agreement to other indications to apply pharmaceutical ingredients under development by Glaukos into new ophthalmic fields.

Intratus’ Eyelid drug delivery platform uses patented cream-based drug formulations applied to the outer surface of the eyelid for the transdermal delivery of pharmaceutically active compounds to treat eye disorders.

“We are excited to expand our partnership with Intratus by adding presbyopia as a new investigational application for this novel drug delivery platform and build upon the promising R&D work we’ve completed thus far in dry eye disease, glaucoma and other corneal disorders,” Glaukos president & CEO Thomas Burns said in the release. “The Eyelid drug delivery platform uses a differentiated, non-invasive, patient-friendly, transdermal approach and is highly complementary to our expanding portfolio of sustained pharmaceutical platforms in glaucoma, corneal health and retinal disease.”

“Intratus is pleased to have our platform technology continue its expansion through a second license with Glaukos,” added Intratus president & CEO Aaron Dyer. “We look forward to the progress Glaukos will continue to make and ultimately the restoration of sight we hope to provide for patients.”

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