Hyperfine portable MRI wins Health Canada licensing

Hyperfine announced today that it received Health Canada licensing and began the Canadian commercial launch of […]

Hyperfine announced today that it received Health Canada licensing and began the Canadian commercial launch of its Swoop device.

Guilford, Connecticut-based Hyperfine designed its Swoop system for portable magnetic resonance imaging (MRI), touting it as the first such device to garner FDA clearance.

According to a news release, the licensing of Swoop in Canada includes the recently FDA-cleared advanced reconstruction software that uses deep learning. The system is now available for purchase in Canada.

Swoop wheels directly to a patient’s bedside, plugs into a standard electrical wall outlet and is controlled by an off-the-shelf tablet to provide rapid imaging that allows physicians to make diagnoses and determine treatment for a patient regardless of income or location.

Hyperfine said that Casey Newhouse will lead the company’s expansion in Canada with responsibilities for growing the adoption of the Swoop system in the Canadian market. Newhouse previously held executive leadership roles at Johnson & Johnson and Edwards Lifesciences.

“Current MRI systems are limited by their size, cost and training requirements, especially in remote locations. By rethinking the MRI design, Swoop provides an easy-to-use, portable and affordable system, which can provide imaging beyond boundaries, wherever patients are,” Hyperfine President & CEO Dave Scott said in the release. “We believe our advanced disruptive technology will help bring great access to advanced diagnostic imaging at the point of care across North America.”

Toronto-based UpCare will execute the marketing, distribution and sales of Hyperfine’s Swoop system in Canada. Hyperfine said its Canadian expansion contributes to its plans for accelerated global commercial expansion, including in the United Kingdom and Pakistan through 2022.

“Hyperfine is truly leading the way with the Swoop portable MRI system, further strengthening our Neurosciences ecosystem,” UpCare Co-Founder & CCO Benoit Sai said. “With Swoop’s addition, UpCare’s expanded product portfolio can provide a comprehensive continuum of care from diagnostic to monitoring.”

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