Leica Microsystems launches evolved version of ARveo 8 digital neurosurgery microscope

Leica Microsystems has launched an evolved version of its ARveo 8 digital visualisation microscope for […]

Leica Microsystems has launched an evolved version of its ARveo 8 digital visualisation microscope for neurosurgery. The ever-growing ecosystem, ARveo 8, enhances surgical visualisation through the application of a 3D view and augmented reality (AR) fluorescence, as stated in a press release.

For brain-tumour surgery, the company’s new GLOW400 3D AR fluorescence helps surgeons to achieve “a new level of clinical value creation”, with clear visualisation of both anatomical structures and a wide range of fluorescence information. And, in vascular surgery, operators can now visualise fluorescent vascular flow in 3D with the GLOW800 AR fluorescence.

The wide range of surgical information offered by the ARveo 8 is now also accessible with the new MyVeo all-in-one surgical visualisation headset. Leica claims that the headset frees surgeons and assistants from having to stay in front of oculars or external monitors, giving them more ergonomic comfort and a new level of surgical workflow efficiency.

“The continuously evolving ARveo 8 is once again pushing the boundaries of neurosurgery,” said Walid Beylouni, vice president, Medical Division at Leica. “It opens up a new level of continuous access to clinical applications and digital capabilities. Surgeons will see more information that leads to clinical value creation while performing critical procedures. The result is more confident, real-time surgical decisions.”

The new GLOW400 AR fluorescence for brain-tumour surgery—of which US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) 510(k) clearance is currently pending—takes visualisation of suspected Grade III and IV glioma to “another level”, the company’s recent release adds. Anatomical details are shown more clearly thanks to the multispectral imaging technology of the GLOW400 Anatomy View. Even details like vessels and bleeding that were previously hidden under a veil of blue light can be seen, Leica claims.

Additionally, surgeons can observe a wider range of fluorescence intensities with the GLOW400 Highlighted Fluorescence View. During tumour resection, they can repeatedly check for traces of remaining visible fluorescence, particularly lower-intensity fluorescence signals of the marked tumour. Digital real-time fluorescence images are visualised with high resolution in 2D or 3D on a large 55-inch monitor, which is available with the evolved ARveo 8.

“With the all-in-one surgical visualisation headset, MyVeo, surgeons can now wear the future of digital surgery,” Leica’s release states.

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