Masimo’s Wireless Radius Capnography System Cleared in Europe

Masimo has announced that it won European regulatory approval to introduce its Radius Capnography system. […]

Real-time capnography can help anesthesiologists to make sure that endotracheal tubes are properly placed, as well as fine-tune the effectiveness of chest compressions, and identify when the patient’s heart has started pumping blood as a result of the compressions.
The Radius Capnography is indicated for use with patients of any age to measure exhaled carbon dioxide (EtCO2), and it doesn’t require regular calibrations to provide accurate readings. The system is ready to go within about 15 seconds, providing real-time EtCO2 and respiration rate, as well as EtCO2 waveforms.
Some of the features of the Radius Capnography, according to a Masimo announcement:

  • Cable-free Capnography: The lack of a cable tethering the Radius Capnography sensor and patient to Root improves workflow and reduces the possibility of an interruption in capnography monitoring by minimizing tugging on the breathing circuit.
  • Automated Documentation: Root automates electronic charting of patient data, including the data collected by Radius Capnography, in hospital electronic medical record (EMR) systems, working with Masimo Patient SafetyNet™ or Iris Gateway® to simplify and speed workflow, as well as reduce the likelihood of transcription errors.2
  • Maximized Data Visibility and Manipulation: Root’s large, multi-touch high-resolution screen provides an easily interpretable secondary display of large, crisp EtCO2 waveforms, improving visibility and assisting clinicians in identifying wave patterns suggestive of airway obstruction or tube dislodgement. Clearly displayed trend data for up to 96 hours helps clinicians review patient progress over time, helping guide ventilation efforts. And the intuitive touch-screen interface allows clinicians to quickly adjust the trend display range and configure alarm settings to meet the needs of each patient.
  • Hassle-free Connectivity: Radius Capnography’s cable-free design and quick Bluetooth pairing provide the benefits of reliable capnography and connection to Root without the burden or clutter of additional cables, facilitating easy movement between care areas, as patients move through the hospital, and in busy operating rooms where space is already at a premium.

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