MassMedic: New England suited to be drug delivery device powerhouse

The Massachusetts Medical Device Industry Council (MassMedic) believes New England is capable of growing in […]

The Massachusetts Medical Device Industry Council (MassMedic) believes New England is capable of growing in the drug delivery device space.

In a recently published report written by Alira Health’s Aude Ouesanga, Laure Girard and Marie Vaillant and shared by MassMedic, a shift in the space was highlighted in terms of devices enabling therapeutic delivery to actually having an impact on the performance of the drug. The addition of connectivity capabilities in digital health ecosystems offers more in terms of monitoring and data collection, too.

According to the report, significant progress in drug delivery device research in recent years has been driven by advancements in the pharmaceutical industry, as well as in biomedical research and material sciences. With a variety of organizations across New England offering capabilities in these areas, there is an opportunity for growth.

The fact that New England is home to a number of prestigious universities that include specialized programs that support development and innovation for the space, including UMass, MIT, WPI, UConn, Northeastern, Western New England College and more, is a massive boost, too.

MassMedic said more than 300 medical device companies can be found along the I-91 stretch that ranges through Connecticut and western Massachusetts, all with access to Boston and New York and the organizations, universities and hospitals across the area. A history of precision manufacturing and higher education offerings only add to the wealth of options at the disposal of drug delivery device makers.

“With more than 1,100 pharma, biotech and medical device companies, New England is uniquely suited to be a powerhouse in the evolving drug-delivery device industry,” MassMedic president Brian Johnson wrote in an email newsletter.

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