Medtronic partners with Stasis to offer AI bedside patient monitoring system in India

The device uses predictive AI to alert staff about patient’s deteriorating conditions.

Irish medtech giant Medtronic’s subsidiary Medtronic India has entered into a strategic partnership with Statis Health, a unit of Stasis Labs, to promote the latter’s bedside patient monitoring system in India.


The Stasis Monitor comprises a bedside monitor that tracks six vital signs, a tablet and a cloud-connected app that enables remote monitoring across devices.

The connected care monitoring system automates and digitises monitoring, documentation, and communication of critical patient information; it renders 24-hour vital sign trend data and uses predictive AI to alert staff about patients’ deteriorating conditions. It also includes a backup battery for moving patients between care areas.

The US FDA-approved device can be used in emergency lCUs, surgical ICUs, high dependency units, step down units and private patient rooms.


Based on the companies’ joint statement, their partnership will help Stasis expand its presence in India while enhancing Medtronic’s position in the remote monitoring space. To date, over 50,000 patients globally are being monitored using the Stasis Monitor.


Stasis Labs first introduced its remote patient monitoring system in the US in August last year after receiving the FDA’s 510(k) clearance in 2019.

Another American company has employed AI in its remote patient monitoring system. CareVention HealthCare, a division of Tabula Rasa HealthCare, developed a remote patient monitoring service that uses biosensors and AI to monitor patients’ vital signs and alert health care providers in specific instances.

In Australia, the University of South Australia has published a study where an AI-powered computer vision system is used to remotely monitor premature babies’ vital signs and detect their faces while lying in hospital beds.


“The addition of the Stasis Monitor to our portfolio marks another important step in furthering our commitment to improving patient’s post-procedure experience. This is the first such partnership by Medtronic in India and we are proud to offer a solution that is completely manufactured in India, aligning with [the] government’s vision of Make-in-India. This system can turn any hospital into a smart hospital within hours and in the post-pandemic world, should help increase nursing productivity with the long-term goal of creating better outcomes,” Medtronic India VP and Managing Director Madan Krishan said.

“We are excited to be partnering with Medtronic to digitally transform more hospitals and care facilities across India. We are confident that this will further bridge the gap between doctors and their patients while improving patient management workflow and reducing in-person exposure between caregivers and patients,” Stasis co-founder Dinesh Seemakurty also stated.

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