Medtronic wins FDA nod for ‘game-changing’ DBS device

Medtronic(NYSE: MDT)+ today announced FDA approval of its Percept RC deep brain stimulation system, the latest […]

Medtronic(NYSE: MDT)+ today announced FDA approval of its Percept RC deep brain stimulation system, the latest member of its Percept line of DBS devices.

The medtech giant describes the Percept RC as the first DBS sensing-enable rechargeable device. In a presentation at the J.P. Morgan Healthcare Conference earlier today, CEO Geoff Martha called it a “game-changing” device that exemplifies “how Medtronic engineers are really leading the industry in innovation, developing smaller devices and inventing sensing technology to improve therapeutic benefit.”

Medtronic officials see Percept RC — and the company’s closed-loop rechargeable Inceptiv spinal cord stimulator — expanding share in what they describe as a combined $3.3 billion DBS and SCS sector.

The Medtronic Percept family already included the Percept PC neurostimulator, BrainSense technology, and SenSight directional leads. Sensing-enabled DBS through Percept enables physicians to personalize treatment for patients with movement disorders such as Parkinson’s disease, essential tremor, and dystonia — as well as epilepsy.

“Our DBS therapy with exclusive BrainSense technology can help control debilitating tremors for people living with Parkinson’s, providing patients with the ability to physically engage in everyday moments – something many of us unintentionally take for granted,” said Amaza Reitmeier, VP and GM of Brain Modulation within the Medtronic’s Neuromodulation business, which is part of the company’s Neuroscience portfolio.

“We are transforming brain modulation through sensing-enabled DBS and will continue to drive therapy innovation with the goal of many more peoples’ lives improved with Medtronic DBS therapy.”

More about Medtronic’s Percept RC

According to Medtronic, Percept RC is the smallest and thinnest dual-channel neurostimulator available for DBS. It includes BrainSense technology that captures and records brain signals to provide insights that enable a healthcare provider to adapt and personalize therapy to a patient’s evolving needs.

Medtronic also said the Percept RC has improved batter performance compared with other rechargeable devices:

  • At least 15 years of service life with consistent and fast recharge performance;
  • The company’s patented battery technology with less battery fade or a more reliable, long-lasting battery;
  • Rapid recharging with 10% to 90% full charge in less than an hour.

Neurosurgeon and DBS expert Dr. Casey H. Halpern said: “While more data are needed, the sensing capability of this unique deep brain stimulation system allows me the potential to tune stimulation delivery to brain activity, which may be a way to personalize this therapy for Parkinson’s disease in the future.”

MDO Managing Editor Jim Hammerand contributed to this story.

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