Meru Health Offers Biofeedback Tracking with New Wearable

Last week, Meru Health, a digital mental health clinic, announced the launch of a wearable […]

Last week, Meru Health, a digital mental health clinic, announced the launch of a wearable to capture biofeedback, including heart rate variability (HRV), during mental health exercises. The clip-on wearable is affixed to an individual’s ear while they complete specific exercises, like breathing practices, directed by Meru’s platform. The goal is to show users a physiologically-relevant, quantifiable representation of the effect that correct, consistent use of breathing practices can achieve.

Meru program participants will be sent the new wearable in the mail and will be allowed to keep the device following program completion.

While over 25 million individuals in the U.S. are affected by depression and anxiety, less than half have access to care. Meru offers individuals struggling with depression and anxiety access to remote therapists and psychiatrists, a network of peers facing similar mental health challenges, and a 12-week digital therapeutic program. The holistic program includes remote support, at-home lessons and practices, sleep medicine, and nutritional psychiatry. While the company only recently raised a $4.2M Series Seed round of financing led by Freestyle Capital, Meru has already published a paper in Journal of Medical Internet Research (JMIR) reporting a reduction in depression and anxiety symptoms following use of digital mental health therapies. In a cohort of 117 patients, the same paper reported an 80% program completion rate.
According to Meru Health CEO and Co-Founder Kristian Ranta, “We are thrilled to launch HRV Biofeedback as part of our program. In our clinical studies with Harvard and Rutgers researchers, we’ve seen the addition of HRV Biofeedback more than double the number of patients with clinically significant improvements in depression.”
Adding to the news this week, the company also announced three additions to its scientific advisory board: Professor Dr. Elissa Epel (UCSF), Professor Dr. Paul Lehrer (Rutgers), and Dr. Daniel Kraft (Singularity University).
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