Neurolutions and Kandu partner to accelerate access to improved stroke rehabilitation

Neurolutions and Kandu Health recently announced a strategic partnership intended to raise the standard of […]

Neurolutions and Kandu Health recently announced a strategic partnership intended to raise the standard of care for post-stroke recovery. Through this partnership, Kandu’s expert clinicians will support Neurolutions by providing clinical consultation and assessments of stroke survivors to determine patients who may benefit from the latter company’s IpsiHand system.

As detailed in a press release, Kandu provides remote, multidisciplinary support to stroke survivors and care partners after hospital discharge through a team of clinically licensed navigators and an easy-to-use app, while Neurolutions’ IpsiHand system is a breakthrough, therapeutic brain-computer interface (BCI) device and “the only FDA [Food and Drug Administration]-cleared, commercially available solution that enables non-invasive, at-home rehabilitation for stroke survivors affected by chronic motor deficits”.

The alliance between the two companies offers stroke survivors streamlined, expert clinical assessment for the IpsiHand system, reducing the barriers to accessing this “life-changing” technology, the release adds.

“The Neurolutions IpsiHand is a next-generation solution that meets stroke survivors where they are and empowers them through advanced, thought-driven neurotechnology,” said Neurolutions chief executive officer Leo Petrossian. “By partnering with Kandu Health, we can ensure that individuals who most need the IpsiHand system are able to get it in a timely manner, and with the critical clinical support needed to optimise patient care. We believe this will significantly expedite the recovery journey for countless stroke survivors.”

Kandu claims that its expertise in creating tech-enabled solutions for stroke recovery is a “strong complement” to Neurolutions’ IpsiHand system, and its integrated approach ensures that stroke survivors, clinicians, and care partners, are connected, supported and equipped with the necessary resources throughout the recovery process.

“By combining our educational and clinical support with Neurolutions’ technology, we are taking a critical step forward in the way we approach and manage stroke recovery; allowing access and engagement from the comfort of a patient’s own home,” said Kirsten Carroll, chief executive officer of Kandu. “This partnership is poised to offer patients an unprecedented level of care and support during an immensely vulnerable time of life.”

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