Nexkin Multi-Parameter Body Monitoring Shirt Unveiled

Chronolife, a firm headquartered in Paris, France, is releasing a T-shirt that can monitor six […]

Chronolife, a firm headquartered in Paris, France, is releasing a T-shirt that can monitor six vitals and health parameters, including a single-lead ECG, abdominal and thoracic breathing, body temperature, activity levels, and pulmonary impedance, a measure of how pulmonary vessels resist pulsatile blood flow.
The Nexkin device looks like a typical short-sleeved T-shirt. A single charge of the built-in battery can power it for 24 hours and all the readings can be monitored live on a paired smartphone when the shirt is worn. It may be possible to use the device to detect some cardiac arrhythmias.

Nexkin uses ten separate sensors positioned in different places on the shirt, all connected to a central processing system that can provide some health insights based on the readings. All the data can, of course, be shared with others, including a person’s physician.

The shirt is washable and can be worn while doing most typical every-day activities, including sleeping.
Although the shirt is being “commercially launched,” according to the company, it looks like it won’t be available for direct purchase, but rather will be employed as a part of programs provided by healthcare organizations, insurance companies, and drug firms.
From the press release Chronolife released:

  • Healthcare organizations and professionals using Nexkin will be able to continuously monitor users’ physiological markers, detect abnormalities, and intervene promptly.
  • Insurance providers incorporating Nexkin into outpatient preventative and support services for elderly users, increasing their independence and reducing treatment costs.
  • Pharmaceutical companies testing and validating Nexkin as a means of boosting the accuracy and utility of clinical trials and therapeutic efficacy programs.

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