OKAY Industries rebrands to AVNA

NEWS RELEASE: OKAY Industries Rebrands to AVNA New Name, Logo, and Tagline Reflect Company’s Commitment […]

NEWS RELEASE: OKAY Industries Rebrands to AVNA

New Name, Logo, and Tagline Reflect Company’s Commitment to Medical Device Manufacturing & Passion for Saving and Improving Lives

New Britain, Conn. — OKAY Industries, a contract manufacturer of components and subassemblies for global medical device Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs), has rebranded to become AVNA.

After 112 years of engineering and manufacturing innovation, the timing is right for a brand name that reflects the company’s main market focus, medical device manufacturing. The word AVNA is an abbreviation for “Advanced Innovation,” which is the common thread in the company’s key strategic partnerships.

“The new name and look best aligns with our culture, our purpose, and our commitment to our customers, our communities, and patients around the globe,” says Jason Howey, President & CEO of Okay Industries, Inc. “Guided by our new mission ‘Saving lives, one part at a time’ and our core values; People, Passion, Partnerships, and Performance, our team is fully committed to delivering outcomes doctors and patients can rely on.”

Effective immediately, the new name will begin appearing on marketing materials, website, and social channels. Through second quarter, the public may see AVNA followed by the phrase “Formerly OKAY Industries.”

More about the company

With locations in the US and Costa Rica, OKAY Industries has become a trusted manufacturing partner of choice and has built a legacy reputation for its engineering and precision manufacturing excellence.

The company has come a long way since its founding in 1911 as the B. Jahn Manufacturing Company, a tool and die shop. Under the leadership of Edward Okay who purchased the company in 1968, the business shifted to a full-service contract stamping company, focusing on complex projects and entered the medical device market in the late 70s.

Purchased by Greg Howey in 1990, the company expanded its capabilities to include custom production machining equipment and automated assembly, entering the new millennium to position itself as a leading contract manufacturer of components and subassemblies for Global Original Equipment Manufacturers.

Under the current leadership of Jason Howey, the company has transformed through a series of expansions, acquisitions, market realignments, and continuous investments in new capabilities and advanced technologies including laser processing, plastic molding, and automation. These vertically integrated solutions position the company to become a premier global MedTech manufacturing partner.

Since the very beginning, human talent has been the key to the company’s success. The company employs approximately 450 dedicated people. With two facilities in Connecticut and a large expansion underway in Costa Rica, it continues its long history building long-term strategic partnerships that share the common goal of improving lives around the world.

Recent awards include the Operational Excellence award from the Cámara de Industrias de Costa Rica in the areas of Culture, Leadership and Strategy, Processes, and Human Talent, The Cigna Silver Award for its employee healthcare program, and a certificate of recognition from the Bureau of Rehabilitation Services for the company’s commitment to Diversity and Inclusion.

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