Omega FluoroShield FDA Cleared to Reduce Radiation Exposure

Omega Medical Imaging, a firm based in Sanford, Florida, has won FDA clearance for its […]

Omega Medical Imaging, a firm based in Sanford, Florida, has won FDA clearance for its FluoroShield technology, as well as the 2020 Cardiac Flat Panel Detector.
FluoroShield automatically aims the radiation beam across the area of interest during interventional procedures utilizing fluoro or cine (short X-ray movies of the beating heart) imaging. This is thanks to Omega’s TruBlock auto collimation technology.
The tissues around the region are not exposed to radiation, but they’re still visible. This is thanks to instantaneous merging of live images in the target area with previously taken images that contain the surrounding regions.
Patients are exposed to less radiation, while clinicians receive effectively the same imaging information they have in the past. There’s not much difference to the procedural workflow either.
The system automatically follows along, watching where the instruments are being advanced. As this happens, it moves its window of interest, outlined by a box on the fluoroscopy display, so every time an exposure is taken it is of where the clinical focus is.
“Until now products on the market have only been able to manage radiation to patients and staff,” said Brian Fleming, President of Omega Medical Imaging, in a press release. “FluoroShield™ is the only system in the world that provides an actual reduction in dose. The impact of this groundbreaking solution for patients and healthcare providers is substantial. I am very grateful to be a part of a team that pushes the envelope in the development of safer healthcare solutions.”
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