Serenno System Unveiled for Continuous Kidney Monitoring

Serenno Medical, an Israeli firm, has unveiled its Sentinel automatic device for monitoring and detecting […]

Serenno Medical, an Israeli firm, has unveiled its Sentinel automatic device for monitoring and detecting kidney damage. Designed for use within the hospital, the Sentinel works by continuously measuring urine output and volume to help detect cases of Acute Kidney Injury (AKI).
These days, nurses typically manually measure the amount of urine a patient produces. This happens intermittently, so sudden production of large amounts of urine can go undetected. Being able to monitor urine production as it happens can help to catch cases of AKI sooner and so deliver therapy while it’s still effective. It can also alleviate some of the tedious and unpleasant work that nurses inside of intensive care units have to perform on a regular basis.
The Sentinel is compatible with existing catheters and urine bags and is supposedly easy to install and prep for patient use.
“Urine output measurement is a key parameter to assess kidney function,” said Prof. Manu Malbrain, MD, PhD, ICU Director, University Hospital Brussels, in a Serenno press release. “However, correct urine output determination is often difficult at the bedside and is usually only performed intermittently and manually. Moreover, the kidneys are often the first organ to stop functioning properly, therefore continuous urine output measurement would be a valuable tool in the management of critically ill, unstable patients.”
In a clinical trial conducted at multiple centers in Israel, the Sentinel system demonstrated the ability to accurately detect urine flow rates in a variety of patients, environments, and conditions, and patient positions. The system was effective while being used with mobile hospital beds and even during surgeries. More than 40 patients and 1,300 hours of monitoring in the trial resulted in an accuracy and reliability rate of over 96%.
“The successful results of our first clinical trial will allow the company to move forward to manufacturing the device for commercial usage and enable us to bring this best-in-class product to the global medical markets,” said Tomer Lark, Co-Founder and CEO of Serenno Medical. “We expect to receive FDA clearance for the system during 2020 and believe that our patent pending device has the potential to become the standard-of-care in the OR and ICU, benefiting millions of patients around the world.”
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