Smart Meter introduces new cellular-connected glucose meter

Smart Meter introduced a new version of its glucose meter with new features aimed at improving […]

Smart Meter introduced a new version of its glucose meter with new features aimed at improving access to the diabetes management technology.

The new version of iGlucose, branded iGlucose Plus, builds on the platform of the cellular-connected glucose meter. It has advanced features aimed to disrupt the remote blood glucose monitoring market and improve access to accurate technology.

iGlucose Plus offers ease of use by requiring no synching, pairing, smartphones or Wi-Fi. It automatically transmits results to a patient’s provider through built-in cellular technology. This enables the real-time tracking of blood glucose levels from anywhere.

The new meter allows patients to receive important notifications and reminders, both automated and proactively sent from a healthcare provider or supplier, directly on the device. Notifications can include dietary reminders or prescription pick-up reminders from a pharmacy.

Smart Meter says iGlucose Plus has a clear, color LED screen to allow for easier viewing of testing instructions and results. It also offers Spanish language on-screen prompts to offer access to a largely underserved patient population. Additionally, with over-the-air software updates, the system can add new features at the patient level.

“Smart Meter continues to invest heavily in R&D to improve our solutions to make it easier for patients to test more consistently and improve their outcomes. The new iGlucose Plus is an excellent example of that,” said Casey Pittock, CEO of Smart Meter. “Its enhanced battery life, stronger cellular connectivity, and remote programming capability—combined with our proprietary AI-driven glucose test strip auto replenishment service—make it an exceptional value for our customers and their patients.”

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