Soundbite Medical Announces Issuance Of A Fifth U.S. Patent Covering Novel Active Balloon Devices Intended For Plaque Modification Of Calcified Arteries

MONTREAL, November 30, 2021–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Soundbite Medical Solutions Inc. (SBMS), a medical device company dedicated to […]

MONTREAL, November 30, 2021–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Soundbite Medical Solutions Inc. (SBMS), a medical device company dedicated to developing solutions for the interventional treatment of calcific occlusive peripheral and coronary arterial diseases, today announced that the United States Patent and Trademark Office has issued US patent No. 11,179,169, entitled “Device for delivering mechanical waves through a balloon catheter”.

The patent is directed to a device for delivering high amplitude broadband mechanical pulses (i.e., shock waves) to treat a lesion present in a blood vessel. The device includes a catheter body, an inflatable balloon and at least one mechanical waveguide connected to a source of high amplitude broadband mechanical pulses for propagating the pulses to the lesion. The patent protects novel Soundbite Active Balloon devices, intended for plaque modification of calcified arteries.

This is the fifth US patent to be issued around the Soundbite technology, further solidifying, and broadening the scope of protection for the Company’s technology platform. The patent allows Soundbite to compete in the plaque modification space with a broader array of active devices addressing a larger market and clinical challenge.

Calcification is a dominant hallmark of advanced atherosclerotic disease and is often underestimated and under-treated. Problematic calcium in the form of stenosis and chronic total occlusions (CTOs) are encountered frequently in patients with both coronary and peripheral artery disease. These occlusions are associated with a higher risk of adverse events, decreased quality of life, worse procedural success and treatment outcomes, and increased healthcare costs. Moderate to severe calcium is present in 50% of peripheral artery disease patients with severe claudication, and the numbers are even higher (>65%) in CLI patients. It is estimated that 30-40% of patients undergoing PCI have calcification as determined by coronary angiography.

“Building our patent portfolio to address complex calcium is a testament to our highly talented engineering team. The pursuit of excellence in serving our patients with clinical solutions begins with medical devices that are unique, differentiated, and of the highest quality. Protecting that work while innovating to meet the growing challenges inherent in calcific occlusive disease will establish Soundbite as a leader in its field,” said Lori Chmura, President & CEO of Soundbite.

About Soundbite Medical Solutions

Soundbite is a privately-held medical device company uniquely dedicated to developing meaningful solutions for the interventional treatment of calcific peripheral and coronary arterial diseases. Soundbite has developed and deployed a proprietary method to produce and safely deliver shock waves to calcified lesions using an array of devices to improve and transform the standard of care for treatment of patients suffering from calcified and occlusive cardiovascular disease.

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