WatchRx unveils remote patient monitoring platform and services

WatchRx, an award-winning smartwatch and care management platform for seniors and caregivers, has begun offering […]

WatchRx, an award-winning smartwatch and care management platform for seniors and caregivers, has begun offering remote patient monitoring (RPM) services through their RPM platform.
WatchRx provides an easy to use smartwatch-based solution for medication adherence, emergency calls, live GPS tracking for seniors, and an app for caregivers to stay connected with their aging parents and get status in real-time.
Now, WatchRx has added remote patient monitoring that enables physicians and telehealth companies to offer RPM services. Remote patient monitoring studies show that RPM reduces healthcare costs while simultaneously improving patient quality of life. Geneia (an analytics and technology leader in healthcare delivery) showed that RPM can save more than $8,000 per patient annually. CMS reimburses RPMservices at an average of $122 per patient per month through Medicare CPT billing.
RPM uses medical devices and wearables to monitor the health of patients by collecting a wide range of data. The data is transmitted to health professionals (primary care, intensive care units, skilled nursing or other off-site case management facilities) to create better informed treatment plans. The outcomes are reduced admissions, early intervention, increased adherence and engagement, to name a few.
75% of seniors have multiple chronic conditions and they have the greatest need for RPM services. As we age, the prevalence of disease increases while our ability to manage them independently decreases. Technology enables seniors to co-manage conditions while maintaining independence. Seniors are no longer faced with total dependence or nonadherence. RPM becomes a new “cane” that supports the dignity of the patient.
WatchRx is a watch-based solution that has dedicated itself to the improvement of life for seniors and caregivers. WatchRx provides visual medication reminders, with name, image, dosage and personalized voice instruction, live GPS tracking, emergency phone calls, and personalized reminders to help seniors live independently with dignity. The watch generates missed medication, emergency and GPS alerts to caregivers via the Caregiver app, providing peace-of-mind to caregivers. Using sensors, the watch  collects 150+ behavioral points (patent pending) to provide early warning alerts for anomalies using predictive analysis.
Recognized in the industry as an innovative solution to increasing medication adherence, WatchRx has also created a platform to support providers. The platform connects nurses, coaches and other healthcare managers directly to patients in real-time through a smartwatch. The watch is capable of supporting multimedia input and output via text, image and voice data. Patients can receive instructions, important messages or upload biometric data.
More details about WatchRx can be found here.
Wearable technology enables providers to evaluate a patient as a whole, rather than from a simple snapshot during in-person visits. The WatchRx smartwatch and platform solution optimizes connection and accountability, improving quality of life at an individual and family level.

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