Welldoc, Dexcom expand diabetes management tech partnership

Welldoc announced today that it will offer its BlueStar digital health solution with Dexcom’s G6 […]

Welldoc announced today that it will offer its BlueStar digital health solution with Dexcom’s G6 CGM system as a single platform.

Columbia, Md.-based Welldoc’s FDA-cleared BlueStar system offers guidance to individuals through the self-management of diabetes, while Dexcom’s G6 continuous glucose monitoring (CGM) system measures glucose levels just beneath the skin’s surface and wirelessly transmits data every five minutes.

G6 is a slim, water-resistant FDA-cleared CGM that offers an alternative to traditional fingersticks, while its customizable alarms alert users of dangerous glucose levels.

The combined platform with G6 and BlueStar can offer tailored, real-time feedback, connectivity options, seamless integration, data aggregation and remote patient monitoring codes for reimbursement, according to a news release.

“This partnership allows us to bring together the two most challenging, and often independent, elements of diabetes management – glucose monitoring and the impact of lifestyle choices – for the first time. Through a new app experience, users will be able to manage multiple facets of their health while also improving data sharing with their care team,” Welldoc CEO Kevin McRaith said in the release. “Our goal at Welldoc is to advance the self-management of chronic conditions, improve population health and reduce costs. Our integrated offering with Dexcom is an important advancement in these efforts.”

“During the pandemic, we have observed the value of Dexcom CGM for all people with diabetes. By integrating CGM with engaging digital health solutions, we have simplified and improved management for people living with Type 2 diabetes,” added Dexcom SVP of strategy, corporate development & new markets Matt Dolan. “Our expanded partnership with Welldoc will empower users to take control of their health by combining real-time CGM data and AI-driven digital health coaching.”

Welldoc entered into a similar partnership with Eli Lilly in February to integrate its software into Lilly’s connected insulin pens, which are in development.

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